What We Do

Team Sports Camps provide opportunities for coaches and their staff to evaluate and invest in athletes away from the playing field.

Successful teams are made up of individuals who embrace integrity, character, and leadership as personal core values. We instill these values in student athletes by challenging them physically, mentally, and spiritually, while encouraging them to honestly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Through a partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we come alongside coaches and provide them with the tools and expertise to turn a group of individuals into a successful team.

A Fresh Perspective

The Location Advantage

Old habits and new challenges can often be overcome with the help of a fresh perspective. And it doesn’t get much fresher than 365 acres on the shores of a mile-high mountain lake in Sequoia National Forest.

Multiple practice fields and private team campfires provide coaches with ample opportunities to evaluate and invest in their teams. High altitude training and team building initiatives equip students to leave this mountain stronger—individually and as a team.

Less Work More Team

Professional Staff & Facilities

We don’t run a skills camp. You can get that anywhere. What we provide is a location void of distractions, highly experienced staff, and facilities that get the most out of training and recreation.

With activities, meals, and team building initiatives taken care of, coaches and their staff are free to focus on training, drills, and most important, building relationships with their athletes.

Core Values

Our Philosophy

A team who has earned one another’s respect and trust through the demonstration of integrity, character and leadership is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

Drawing on decades of experience in challenging young people to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, we’ve crafted a program that effectively teaches the core values of integrity, character and leadership. Once applied, these core values transform a group of athletes into a winning TEAM.

Team Initiatives

Overcoming Obstacles

Team initiatives provide a new context in which strengths and weaknesses can be assessed. The more unique and challenging a particular obstacle is, the more a team lets their guard down and opens up to new ideas, strategies and solutions.

Trust and respect are built through effective communication and encouragement as teams conquer each new challenge. And coaches have the invaluable opportunity to observe team dynamics, identify natural leaders and provide positive reinforcement.

Building on Success

10 CIF Titles Can't be Wrong

What began as a weekend get-away for 8 players from West High in Bakersfield has become a Central Valley phenomenon. Currently, more than 20 teams from Frazier Park to Monterey participate in Football TEAM Sports Camps over three weekends in May. They come to learn integrity, character and leadership.

How Effective are these core values? Since 2004, thirteen of our alumni teams, have appeared in CIF Championship games, earning 10 CIF titles.


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John Foster
Team Sports Camp Director

Dave Washburn
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Kern County

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Central Valley

Core Values

Integrity, Character, Leadership

Professional Facilities

Multiple fields, heated pool, private campfires

All you can eat

Feed your hunger, fuel your success

Remote Location

Removed from distraction, focused on success

High Altitude

Get more from your workout at a mile high

Collegiate team hosts

Learn from their experiences

Team Initiatives

Physically, mentally and spiritually challenging

Experienced Staff

Decades of experience with team initiatives

Full Service Experience

We provide Food, lodging, activities, and more